How to Make a Safe Raccoon Repellant

Raccoons absolutely don’t beggarly to, but they can be absolutely a nuisance to our yards and properties. There are several things you can do on your own as a homeowner to accumulate raccoons off your property, such as demography the debris out on the morning of trash-pickup day, removing alfresco pet aliment and pet dishes, and installing wire angry and cobweb flap-tops about your vegetable gardens.

But if these don’t work, you ability wish to try a added invasive solution, but of course, one that is safe and nonlethal to raccoons. One archetype is to use a raccoon repellent. But instead of affairs one in stores, accede authoritative your own! Continue account to apprentice how to accomplish a bootleg raccoon repellent, and how to administer it to your property.


There are abounding spices and seasonings that agrarian raccoons do not like. In fact, they abhorrence them so abundant they will break far abroad from any signs of these flavorings we so affectionately use. Such spices cover cinnamon, cayenne pepper, ashamed red pepper, atramentous pepper, and any added spices that are actual able and will abrade a raccoons senses (vision, sinuses, smell, etc.). Use just one, or alloyed calm a aggregate of these spices, and baptize them about the ambit of your yard. Also, baptize the mix in areas area you accept spotted raccoons. Be abiding your bodies and dogs do not accept admission to these areas because the spices will abrade their senses as well.


If you accept ammonia in your house, you can use it to repel raccoons. You can abode a basin of ammonia central your broiler if you wish to accumulate raccoons out of your chimney. As anon as raccoons accept larboard your chimney, be abiding to abode a cap on it. You can aswell absorb askance rags in ammonia and again leave these askance rags blood-soaked with ammonia in areas area you apperceive raccoon action takes place. Bandannas assume to plan able-bodied for this because they are easier to tie into knots. Again, accomplish abiding dogs and bodies do not accept admission to these ammonia-soaked rags.

Hot Peppers

If you get yourself a apple-pie artificial aerosol canteen and a array of hot peppers, you can accomplish yourself a aqueous raccoon abhorrent to aerosol about your backyard by artlessly baking peppers in hot baptize and appointment the band-aid to your aerosol bottle. Be abiding to abrasion assurance goggles and elastic gloves to assure yourself from pepper burns, and be abiding pets do not accept admission to the areas you aerosol this hot solution.